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This isn’t your typical newsletter to try to promote endlessly. I started online in 2008, dreaming of building a remote business after being let go from my job. I was met with gurus who would sell me things and strategies that didn’t work. 

I decided to go all in and learn what it truly meant to be a world-class expert and apply fundamental strategies.

This meant that my income wasn’t dictated by how many followers I had. I also didn’t have to drain my bank account by running ads; importantly, I didn’t have to spend time doing a bunch of videos.

I used strategies called “Quantum Leap Marketing” to take my customer on a journey. The problem with most online businesses if they don’t work, and the strategy are a bit outdated.

We’ll show you what digital strategies are working now to help you scale your online business as a creator. I’ll want to overdeliver you by providing Free resources you would typically pay for. 

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This newsletter is for anyone who’s interested in growing online businesses.

I'll show you how I've built multiple coaching, membership & Digital Brands to 7 Figures & over 30,000 customers.

If you’ve ever wanted to see how
experts take an average business to extraordinary heights...

– so you can use them for yourself or your clients – then this is for you.

From Justin Burns

Entrepreneur and visionary, Justin Burns, has transformed the digital landscape with his innovative online platforms, Miestro and Research AI. With a track record of scaling businesses past 7-figures and mentoring thousands of entrepreneurs, he empowers creators and researchers worldwide. Join him on this journey of creativity, intelligence, and limitless potential.

Through the endeavors of Miestro and Research AI, Justin Burns is reshaping the digital landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the world of online businesses. With a boundless passion for innovation and a mission to empower others, he invites you to embark on this thrilling expedition, where creativity and intelligence converge to unlock the true potential of the digital realm.

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